A memorable weekend…examining

A Memorable Weekend

‘Drown her!’ Those two words made crumble.

Let’s go back to the begging of a dull Friday afternoon.

I was a collage student, and it was another boring English lesson.: Day shar vue you might call it. I put my hands into my head, and waited patiently with baited breath for the end of school. It finally came; I ran down two fights of stairs and excited the doors. I couldn’t wait to get home and when I did, I gave my mum and brother a huge.

“Go upstairs sweaty,” She said kindly.

I climbed the two stories to my room, as the sunset was rising.

“Sleep well. You’ve got a big day ahead tomorrow,” as she sprited to the door. However, before she closed the door, her town suddenly changed, and she turned back to me. “You’d better be carfull tomorrow, mind!”

Before too long, everything was packet, and we were on our way to the airport, and my smile could not be moved. It was as if it had been drawn on with a sharpie. Have you ever been on holiday with some of your friend?

We were going to Magaluf. It was a know brainer. I didn’t want to leave my best friends’ behinds, but I was going with my cousin, Jess and she was great. My stomach was soon rubbling so we got ourselves some food although we had to weight in the queue.

It was a three hour flight, and my friend Jess decided to read for a while. She can be anti-social. I looked out of the window and the view was astoning.

We soon arrived, left the airport, and got in our hire car to drive to the hotel. However, before too long, there was something a bit strange about a car that had pulled up alongside us and wasn’t going away. The two men in the car were big bulit guys and looked a bit weird, as if they had done some coke caine.

I started to get a little scared and whispered to Jess, who simply replied

“There’s nothing wrong. Ignore them. Stop being a complete and under wimp!”

But I was right; there was something wrong. Suddenly the other car slammed into us and we were forced to pull into a layby. The other car pulled up next to us; the two men got out, and there was a vicious screech as the two men ripped off our passenger side door. My first thought was ‘C’mon. This is brand new.’

I knew then though that we were getting kidnapped, and the great bass of a classic basshunter song became audible.

I hurdled in the corner of the car. But they pulled us out, and took us both screaming and kicking to a path next to a river with a sign saying ‘DO NOT TRESPASS. UNRESTRICTED AREA.’

The first man pulled a knife from his waste band, and calmly declared,

“When you kill someone, it’s like you steal their sole.”

Jess and I both shuddered.

The other guy piped up next.

“Teenagers are humanities’ greatest cruelty. Drown her!’

“Don’t kill us please,” I begged. “We were so exited to come here; we don’t want to die! Am I aloud to just call my parents?”

The first guy with the knife dropped it for a moment, and reached into his bag for a phone for us to use.

This was our chance! It was a break or make situation.

We ran for it, and were too quick for the men to follow. We managed to find a nearby hotel, and tell them everything that had happened. It had been a crazy day and a lucky escape for shore.



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