Literacy across the Curriculum ideas

I thoroughly enjoyed the role I led from 2014-16, and just wanted to share a powerpoint summary of some of the ideas I have used in case they can be of interest to anyone else.

It is a challenging role, and some things worked better than others, but I learned a lot, there were some real successes along the way, and I really enjoyed working with representatives from other Faculties, assisting them in developing their Literacy provision.

With nearly all subjects’ exams having SPAG content now, the importance of a school wide Literacy strategy is vital in my view.
I have read many inspiring blogs on this area, not least @FKRitson who continues to inspire with her work that she readily shares.
If I was to do the role again in the future, I would focus in even more on data to track gaps in Literacy knowledge and application across subjects.

Hope the powerpoint below offers up some interesting initiatives! I have lots of linked presentations if people want to find out more about any of the ideas.

Literacy across the curriculum ideas 2014-16



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