Little kids’ books are great

Little kids’ books are great.

People have written dissertations on them, I know.I just wanted to celebrate the toddler ones very briefly as 140 characters doesn’t do the job.

Here are some of my faves I’ve read with my little boy and girl so far, and yes, the bookshop trip often ends up with a couple of choices from me!


The classic – ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen has it all – great drama, family togetherness, and a wonderful atmosphere of the joy of an outside adventure.


Modern ones too are awesome – beautiful artwork/ poetic imagery / promotion of social justice


challenging gender stereotypes


Creepy gothic style from Jon Klassen where the Dark talks to reassure the boy. (So pleased my son wasn’t freaked out!)


Even subversion of traditional forms where my little girl, Coralie becomes the heroine and Bristol is the destination from Space.


A magical experience…when my little boy sits still and listens, and doesn’t insist it’s Mummy’s turn again!

Any recommendations for 3/4 yr olds welcomed!



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